drizzly saturday

rainy days are always good for relaxing. this morning i woke up to a hot bowl of oatmeal and a hot cup of coffee and spent a little while in bed job searching. around 9:30 i decided it was time to get moving and after changing out of my pj’s and into my spandex, i got going on this mornings workout:

i completed 3 rounds of tone it up’s Malibooty workout and 1 round of Sunkissed Abs, at which point i was getting pretty sweaty and ready to get in some cardio, so i grabbed my outdoor sneakers and headed off for a gym date with rachel where we completed this side by side “incline walking with a sneaky run” workout from Peanut Butter Fingers:

After the gym I ran over to Tim’s for my favorite coffee treat – a mocha nut fudge coffee (seriously tastes like hot chocolate), and came home to enjoy it with a burrito bowl made up of leftover black beans made by my lovely mom and a little rice, topped with fresh cilantro, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and avocado, with a dollop of plain greek yogurt because the bean were a litttttttttle spicy.


i have a very hard time making burrito bowls usually because the ones i get a Moe’s just can’t be beat….but I’ll say this one was pretty dang good!

on the agenda for the rest of this drizzly day (weather that is supposed to continue for about a week — thanks vt! not!) i plan on drinking some roobios tea, getting in some reading of The Peach Keeper, which I just began, maybe working on some friendship bracelets, trying out some green juice with mom, and perhaps tackling this DIY with some of my old t-shirts


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